AC Transit TV commerical, photography, billboards, storytelling, Oakland

AC Transit has been serving the East Bay for over 50 years as one of the primary transportation services for Alameda County residents.


Basically, there aren't many things more "East Bay" than an AC Transit bus. However, with the expansion of ride-sharing, AC Transit's ridership has been slightly decreasing year after year. The #WeRideACT campaign originated from a desire to show how the transportation agency connects the East Bay, furthers community, all while getting you to where you want to go.   



I was hired by AC Transit's marketing team as both the Director and Producer of their latest TV ad spot. 


I pitched a concept which focused on one main character having an experience steeped in community, creativity, and friendship while riding the bus. We even added a little bit of a twist at the end. 


In addition to directing and producing the TV commercial, I had to the opportunity to lead the art direction and photography for the campaign. Those images were used as print ads on billboards, buses, and bus stations all around the East Bay.

Ads on Side of Bus

Billboard Ads

Billboard in Downtown Oakland 


In 2017, AC Transit brought me on to photograph the Warriors' Parade. They gave me the creative agency to bring my street photography aesthetic and spirit to documenting the day. As a life-long Warriors fan, it was an experience of both celebration and expression.