Alter Eco photography chocolate impact storytelling

Alter Eco is an award-winning organic and sustainable food company specializing in high-quality artisanal chocolate. 


Not only does Alter Eco provide some of the best food options in the natural food industry, but they are industry leaders in both fair trade and sustainability practices. They have pioneered fair trade and sustainability programs that have been adopted by scores of companies in their industry. 


2016 was a big year for Alter Eco as they launched the food industry's first ever compostable rice and quinoa pouch and made some major improvements to their agroforestry programs. They hired me to capture the momentum of their possitive impact in a visual format. To do so, we conducted three separate   shoots scheduled over three days. 


Alter Eco took a giant leap from the typical print based impact reports that are standard across the social business space, and instead created a dynamic website that hosted their impact statistics and imagery across four categories: fair trade, organic & Non-GMO, carbon neutrality, and packaging.