Kiva photography. Regina's Door Oakland.


Kiva is a non-profit organization that is internationally celebrated for its coupling of technology with microlending to help nearly 3 million under-resourced entrepreneurs from around the globe. 


Primarily focused on economic enablement in developing countries, Kiva has been interested in finding a way to powerfully share the stories of their US borrowers.



For years, Kiva US has been providing no-interest loans to small-scale entrepreneurs that institutional lenders tend to pass over. However, Kiva US has found it difficult to cultivate the same level of enthusiasm for the US program that their community has for their international work. 


In efforts to create buzz around their lending program in the US, we decided to showcase the Kiva ecosystem in Oakland, which is driven by alternative business models and community-centered values. 


To tell the story of Kiva's work in Oakland, we profiled three business owners who have borrowed from Kiva, and Libby Schaff, the Mayor of Oakland who is also a lender and grantee on the Kiva platform.