Clemency Obama prison reform portrait

Nation of Second Chances is a photo and video storytelling series about the people granted clemency by President Obama. In total, 1,715 people had their sentences commuted and almost all were nonviolent drug offenders given mandatory minimum sentences of decades or life in prison — even for first offenses.


Through beautiful photos and powerful words, Nation of Second Chances seeks to humanize those who spent decades in prison for nonviolent drug offenses, many first time, low level offenders charged with conspiracy, whose only chance of freedom was mercy from the president.


In partnership with and #cut50, NOSC brought me on to advise on the visual storytelling component of the project and to photograph and film many of the clemency recipients the project has covered thus far. 


With deep roots in online advocacy, Nation of Second Chances has built a online home that beautifully showcases the uniquely tragic and inspiring stories of clemency recipients while helping their audience lead into taking action in support of criminal justice reform.